Getting ready to go to Oklahoma and Kansas

Hi there! Well work has been keeping me away from here. I am getting ready to go to Oklahoma and Kansas. I have never been to either place. A friend of mine invited me, talked to her church and now it’s all set up for me to speak there. I can see where God has been preparing me for this but it’s still a bit scary! Nevertheless I am going and believing the Lord will speak through me. He has told me he has called me to speak so I shall arise to the occasion and trust him to be the wind beneath my wings!

It’s interesting having all these hats; mom, Friend, wife, grandma, employee at a company that manages properties and also caretaker of my dogs and home all at the same time PLUS a minister called to do things as the Lord leads and directs me.

My latest mission is caring for dogs of an older woman who recently lost her husband and needed a place for her dogs to stay.

We just never know what our mission will be! Maybe today it’s to take a moment to ask the grocery clerk how she is doing. or maybe call a friend you have not talked to in a long time. You just never know! Holy Spirit: Lead on! Amen …..

with love and affection,

Laura Grace, author, wife, grandma, mom and minister

of the Lord Jesus Christ (His servant always)

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