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Thanks for being here!

Hey! I just want to say welcome to Grace to Grow Daily! If you are here thank you for being here! I realize most of you will not know me or even who I am. Allow me to introduce Myself: I am Laura grace and I live in Montana. So today was a very interesting day for me I made a video today called “Relationship is Everything’ I really felt God’s presence with me when I did it. anointed some prayer cloths and shipped them and some of my books off to Kansas (hope they don’t get found by Toto!). Speaking of Toto our dog “Happy” age 13 passed away on Monday it was a very sad Day for us. My Husband cried the most and I think I went into shock and tried to think of Good things to keep myself from being too sad (just my nature). It was a hard day watching our beloved sheltie slip away. so many memories with him of him chewing up Tim’s hats, him chasing us, playing ball with us, wanting to “GO” with us everywhere, He knew lots of words like He knew “pig ear” he knew “Happy go too” he knew “Puppies” (that meant there are puppies outside) he knew “stop barking” and he would stop. Well anyway it felt like part of our family was ripped away to lose him.

I was walking out the door to leave for Oklahoma when my husband said “something is wrong with Happy.” the journey that ensued was me taking him into the vet praying the whole drive which was 40 miles away. by the time I got there the vet came out and told me Happy was in a semi coma. Part of me was relieved because I didn’t want the vet to say we have to put him to sleep. I knew Happy had a blood born pathogen 18 months ago and we had to put him in the hospital (to the tune of 500.00) and they told us at the time he may not live to see next week. Happy was so HAPPY and glad to be with us all the time just ‘content’ and grateful that we gave him a dog bed on the floor or that every now and then he got a pig ear (until his teeth got bad and he could not chew them.). but you know dogs’ are good examples of thankfulness, loyalty, faithfulness, unconditional love, I swear to you I know in My heart when God made dogs he was trying to show us at least a little something about himself. hey, if he can use a donkey to rebuke a prophet he can use a dog to show us some of his nature. amen? šŸ™‚ with love and prayers and “we miss you Happy.” we did love you so.

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