Being transparent and walking in the light: Day 1

I Find that if I submit myself to the thoughts and whims of others (and their input) I no longer can submit myself to God and his input. I so long for him to be the potter and me be the clay. I have tried being open-minded and I do listen to others thoughts and input, however my mind is pointed at God saying “give me the mind of Christ.” I know sometimes others perceive me as being close minded but this is not the case. I spent years listening to the input of others (taking it to heart) and in that portion of my journey completely lost who I was. I want to please people and have them love me, but being a people pleaser has always gotten me in trouble. I can remember when “the enemy” even used my servant attitude toward God against me and ran me ragged until I had little or no time to develop my relationship with God. in the end I will stand before him, not a throng of people who say I was too much this way or too much that way. It’s God who will judge me (Ultimately) so it is him I seek for advice.

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