It’s the little things sometimes…….

I needed AC for the house we live in. It’s very hot and almost unbearable so I prayed

and asked God to please help me get AC in the house. One day I was in the small

grocery store where we lived and inquired as to whether our very small hardware

store sells AC units or not. The owner said; “no but I have one I am not using any more”

Turns out my attempts to get a new one failed as the hardware store in a town close by

had no units that would fit our small windows. The hardware store here in our town does

not sell AC units. the temp was climbing up to the 90’s this weekend.

When I saw the used AC unit for sale I thought it looked way too big for our window!

but In my heart I was led to have my husband go measure. Lo and behold it was exactly

the right size for our window! We got it cheaper it fit and it all started because of a desire

of my heart I asked the Lord about. this has happened so many times in my life I have

lost count! God you as so Good to me. Thank you heavenly Father I do love you so!

Til next time!

Laura Grace

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