in the light and transparent; Staying in Jesus (the rock)

When I wrote Grace to the Rescue I was already looking ahead and God showed me what was coming in the future. I didn’t emphasize it but much like our bible my book is multifaceted. It’s not just about being Rescued it’s about serving GOD THROUGH being married to someone not doing what the bible says. Pretty sure men do not understand at times how hard it is to be female and read your whole bible.

It’s filled with examples where women and the children were destroyed along with the Man who refused to serve the Lord. try being a mom with young children and reading the “punishments” of the old testament that came upon households that were wicked and/or rebellious and you are seeing wicked and rebellious on a daily basis in your home as a wife. The more I read the bible the more I cried all I could see was Judgment and consequences going to destroy my family the more I read the bible. I started digging my heels in with God long before I wrote Grace to Grow
and I did not tell half what happened to me during my years in “Rescue”.

Now think about our nation right now which we are IN! are you going to curse or bless? Are you going to Believe or start running around screaming the sky is falling? PRAY! BELEIVE! Nothing has changed. And what I am saying to do I have done. The secret place of the most high means you are in it if you believe it and choose to live there. Nobody can touch you in the depths of your spirit and your soul is safe in God’s hands. It’s a great time to be on the rock and not rocked.

Earth is not our home. and you older Christians need to stop scaring the dickens out of the ones who are young raising children. They need faith not fear. Stay in the light. Speak life. Speak blessing! I did no matter how bad it looked and God was there.

author Laura Grace

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