Grace to Rise above it! by Laura Grace

I had someone tell me a truth yesterday that helped me to rise above what was troubling me. It was “if a guy” is at the bottom of a hole, you offer him a ladder to climb out but he won’t” then you have to toss a scrap down the hole and walk away.” Standing there pleading with the person to come up out of the hole may seem like the loving thing to do- but wisdom says “walk away” and tend to what you need to do. Our passion to love and to help can get us into trouble sometimes and get us stuck. Even with prayer there is a time to pray and a time to let it go and trust God has heard our prayers. He will answer it in due time.

God wants us free to rise and soar and do the things we must do care free and knowing he has heard our petitions about those we love and care about. It’s hard to walk away from the guy down in the hole who won’t come up the ladder especially if we love them but if we don’t carry on and tend to the other things God has given us to do then our lives become fruitless. if we do that the devil wins and I don’t want him to win…….ever………..that is NOT God’s will. This I Know.

Therefore: I shall soar! By Laura Grace author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and more.


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