a Prayer for growing……….


a Prayer for Growing
Father growing in you can be truly hard sometimes as you well know. It’s even harder when someone we love chooses not to grow and we are stuck with them driving us bonkers sometimes! You just know Father how hard it can be to have adult children running around committing all acts of chaos!

Father we really want to find the balance between loving and taking authority between being nice (and kind) and setting those boundaries we need to set. We always wonder if we are right or wrong whenever our hearts are right before you and we just want to do the right things so very badly.
Other times Father we get so tired of doing the right thing we want to run away and give up because we are just so tired of it all. Thank you that we can talk to like a real person because you are a real person. When we receive you into our lives you take on the whole package of who we are. We know we need renovation but you don’t just knock us down, flatten us and start all over again.

You know our frame and remember that we are dust. You know what we need to do but you are patient towards us and lead us in what we need to do one step at a time. by learning of your patience and love toward us we learn to have patience with others. Help us to be like you and see like you and live the way you would like us to live. in Jesus’ name we pray. amen

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