Let Freedom Ring!

a beautiful eagle

LET FREEDOM RING! (once again)

America was built on the idea of freedom, not regulating everybody all the time.

Psalm 146:7 “Who executes justice for the oppressed, Who gives food to the hungry. The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners.”

………..If you want freedom give freedom. if you want mercy sow it!

I never saw Jesus talking about legislating morality. In fact he was against the whole attitude of “well you must have sinned so you are blind” he came against that kind of stuff all the time.

CHRISTIANS we need to repent ourselves of how we’ve been in past times not just be all outraged over how we are being persecuted.

What Jesus are you preaching? Jesus preached freedom and liberty, healing and mercy, love and Grace.

I personally believe the laws rules and regulations have gotten completely out of hand but we need to take accountability for our part in that if any. amen.

Many Christians have been all gung ho go support this stuff but now it’s not so cool when it hits home and affects their right to not make a cake but it was fine so long as it didn’t affect their personal comfort zones. If you don’t like my post I’m sorry but I saw a long time ago being gung ho to regulate small businesses so severely was not going to lead to a good end.

Have we totally forgotten the word Freedom?????????? Freedom to choose Freedom to live Freedom to believe what we want to believe?

If you want Freedom give it to others. Otherwise if you want to regulate everything you yourself may be regulated. We’ve become prisoners of our own law minded ways trying to MAKE everyone think like we do. Amen sister Laura Amen.

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