Not running but overcoming: by Laura Grace

Three months ago I got hired for a job I didn’t want that I wasn’t seeking. My husband told me about it one day and I said NO but we needed the money so I wound up taking the job.

This mission of Grace so far this year has been SO Much different than I thought it would be when I started out. all these plans to travel everywhere in my little pink car. I never dreamed I’d be pounding thousands of miles on it going to an apartment building every day nobody wanted to work at. Today this tenant told me I’m the 7th manager and it was built in 2011.

It’s a hard place to work, harder then the last apartment manager job I had. I was so scared of it and I wanted to RUN the first few weeks there every day I wanted to run. I cried and ranted on the way home and said “I can’t do this” …..here I am tomorrow marks 3 months since I got hired there.

The office is all spiffed up and orderly. the boss wants to keep me and says how impressed she is with me. Most of the tenants love me. I have mastered about 90% of the job now. I didn’t go on more than a handful of book signings but I am amazed at what God has helped me overcome. fears, terror, anger, all kinds of things. Injustices that made me want to dish out a piece of my mind and I showed love instead.

My patience has been stretched so thin at times I’ve thought I would go to pieces. Anyway I told the boss I’ll stay until she gets someone trained. It’s still too far to drive every day all winter long it’s just not practical. but ….I AM NOT RUNNING

I am overcoming. Grace to Grow-It’s worth more than we think! turtle 19 sunshine smile

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