Transparent and in the light #10 I beleive in miracles

sunon the lack

Transparent and in the light #10? I BELEIVE IN MIRACLES! I don’t have time to mess around and mince words so I’ll tell the truth (like it or not!) Today after being weighed down with bad news bad reports and bad things Other than one thing going truly right (my job) I found myself saying to my husband quite passionately:

JUST Because we need to learn contentment, to grow, to be patient, to be kind to be long suffering does NOT MEAN we should stop believing in Miracles! I said I do NOT wish to become Lukewarm and I don’t care if I have to stand by myself believing for miracles I shall BELIEVE FOR THEM…..something in me rose up see that song I posted “this is my fight song take back my life song” I wasn’t saying go back to who I was before I met Jesus or being “earthly” no…….

I was saying alright devil you think you are so funny using “growing against me” getting my back up against a wall and trying to get me depressed well guess what?
INSIDE ME Is the power of RESURRECTION and I still believe in Miracles. I will see miracles I will be one my life will be a testimony of miracles all the way to the end. Know how I know? God’s already has done so much for me the next triumph is going to be greater than the one before that and the one before that and the one before that! Victory in Jesus! Yes I do normal things like dishes and bathing and sweeping and work and today I gave the dog a bath how spiritual is that? LOL

FATHER I Believe in Miracles! I believe to see miracles and be one as well! I believe in the power of your resurrection I believe for great things happening all around me everywhere I go. I believe! ………And Father I cannot WAIT to see whaty you do next for I will testify ……..yes indeed I surely will. —–simple equation about Abraham HE believed GOD ……..OH Father help me always be like this. amen  -My next book is coming soon! stay tuned!

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