I lost a dear and precious friend today………Diamond Kelley

forest with lightYesterday afternoon a very treasured friend of mine passed away and went to heaven. Dennis Diamond Kelley came into my life in late 2008. I was at the time attending Benny Hinn’s school of signs and wonders and I was pressing in hard to find out God’s will before I die and pressing Hard that I could fulfill the ministry I believe God called me to that had been thwarted, stunted, stopped and hindered for as long as I could remember. “Let me win souls” was my heart cry day after day. study to be approved? Oh yes I had and I did! One day I actually mustered all my faith to believe Benny Hinn would talk to me personally and called his line fully expecting HIM to answer the phone. I think I sent him a letter too which went unanswered. Finally I said Father (through tears) I’ve been robbed I’ve tried to know my pastors and get close to church members and it’s been one kick in the head after the other “SEND ME AN APOSTLE” “SEND ME A PROPHET” I trust you to do it JUST FOR ME! I still remember that day I know when I am taking all the pent up tears, anger, frustration pain and funneling it all toward heaven and I can feel when It goes out of me and pours all Over God’s Holy alter. this was one of those times.

Very soon after this person on yahoo answers (religion and spirituality) sent me a message asking if I needed help He told he was a minister of the Lord and if I would listen and pay attention he would teach me how to hear from God how to receive from God and it would be beyond my wildest expectations. During the next 5-6 years We prayed and I studied almost daily and sometimes for hours at a time. I learned to soak to chew to receive to expect and as he promised, my relationship with God (and with others) was enriched and began to grow. Diamond prayed over every person I ever asked him to and with fervor. Rejection didn’t phase him, neglect didn’t seem to bother him and he didn’t need anyone to reciprocate either. “I’m a big boy” he said “another son.” He knew who he was in Christ; warrior Priest, “beloved” and God’s Diamond (a name the Lord gave to him years ago). He was a tree farmer and a gardener and he knew things that just blew my mind yet it wasn’t lofty! He could see the Holy Spirit in every day things all the time and signs and wonders DID follow him. He was all for anything that brought people closer to Christ and our ongoing growth and Salvation process with God the Father and Jesus Christ was his passion. He hated religion and he hated the devil but he feared no evil. I could say a lot more but he always signed his letters to me like this “your friend, brother and minister of the Lord, “Diamond” “as Christ is formed in you” he would say.

I have no idea why God sent me such a precious and marvelous friend He called me “his timothy” and I never understood what it meant exactly. all I know is I had my own personal preacher God sent to me worth more than all the silver and gold in the whole wide world and he is gone now and I don’t understand why but ….in his honor I have to carry on.  I know he looked forward to heaven he loved Jesus so much and if someone gave him two dollars he would lift it up and Praise God for it every time. Diamond Thank you for being my friend. I pray I am found worthy of the things you taught me and pray with all my heart the seeds you sowed into my life produce a harvest that will stagger the minds of those who doubted. amen. You can’t spend that much time with someone even by email who is so full of the Holy Spirit and so in Love with God and not be transformed can you? ….no!

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