Goodbye to Diamond Kelley My friend and inspiration

Diamond FEB 2015I lost such a very dear Friend when Diamond Dennis Kelley went to heaven.

he was just one of a kind. Sure he was Christ like but as he always told me we are Christ like but there is only one us. there is Jesus there is us……..We are Christ like but have different personalities that’s how God wanted it. I want to share my goodbye letter to him. this picture is when he started cancer treatments.  WE were optimistic and believing God to heal him. His Attitude was He’s going to Praise God no matter what. Apparently he praised God right into heaven, fell asleep and never woke up and now the earth has lost another great treasure but heaven has gained one. This time a Diamond. Diamond is the minister I mention in my book Grace to Grow. (by Laura Grace). More books to come.

Diamond: I know you aren’t there but I wanted to write you this letter anyway.

I am really sad you are gone and I know I should be happy for you as you are

in heaven where you said you were looking forward to it and couldn’t wait. The

other day as I was praying I realized maybe you finished your race is why you a

are gone now. I never could understand why you weren’t out preaching or in

a church preaching because You were such a terrific pastor preacher teacher

friend……you cared about everyone even when they had wronged you.

I never knew you not to forgive anyone or to be Judgmental. you just wanted

everyone to get it and be close to the Lord like you were. As you said “you

and God were Mates” and you didn’t let lost friends, children not talking to

you or anything else stop you from Loving God and receiving his love for you

and you rejoiced if someone gave you 20.00 or just a guitar pick. You were so

thrilled and thankful over anything God did for you even food bank food and

you never felt sorry for yourself you couldn’t drive or go on trips or just so many

things and I remember how horrified I was when I found out you had to wear

hand braces on your hands just to write me but you were all Joyful “oh it’s my

JOY” You would say to pray for people or share what God shared with you.

I remember no matter what was going on you were just thankful and even

sick with cancer and all you said “I am just so thankful to the Lord” he put this

one and that one on my heart to pray for and I am just thanking him for the

privilege of praying.” I miss you already and you haven’t even been gone for

very long. I missed you when this whole cancer thing started and I just had no

clue really you were going to be gone because you told me you were going to

die for Jesus one day and I believed it. You faced so many trials and hardships

and praised God through it all regardless trusting him to take care of you and

make things right. How I know your love was genuine is you never asked any

thing in return you just gave from your heart all the time all the time never once

did you say “I give and give and nobody gives back to me oh boo hoo” ……

You prayed over soup rejoiced you could feed your neighbors or share or just

rejoiced so much over every little thing. Sometimes it was down right intimidating

having someone be so thankful having less than I have. It made me really stop

and think before I start complaining because everything is not going my way.

The fruit of the Spirit all over your life Joy Peace Love Faith all of it was a more

powerful testimony than all the miracles you saw during your street ministry or

even the Angel you saw in the house or any of that. You were just grateful for

where God placed you in his Body you were fine with being “unknown.” I still

remember that first letter you wrote me. “you are a very big girl in your heart

but you need to grow” …….I sat and just wept and wept because I knew it was

true. That day the anointing of God yanked the rug of religion right out from

under me and I was never the same. I was so proud of what I knew and I did not

even know I was prideful. THANK YOU For being my friend without reservation

without finding fault all you ever did was encourage me even when the truth hurt.

you were a God send into my life. as long as I live I will never forget you and
I Pray I honor you with whatever I do with the teachings you entrusted me with.

Your Friend, daughter in the Lord and God’s servant. Laura grace

I Miss you.

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