Jesus hears, he sees, he knocks and when you let him in he answers……….


Transparent and in the Light #13  today I feel led to pray for all my FB friends.

Praying for people you love and letting them know to encourage them is entirely different from Praying so people will see you and wanting to be praised by Men. the heart is what matters. are you doing something to encourage others or to be seen by men?

Personally if I was into people pleasing I’d be posting the most shocking funny jokes I could find. I’d be posting what everyone wants to hear. I’d be following the masses.

It’s a deliberate effort to get up every day and say God what do you want me to say or what do you want me to pray? my flesh still has a mind of it’s own but it’s getting quieter as I pray for Christ to be formed in me.

I know I can do anything I want but I choose not to do those things because God and my relationship with him is precious to me.

I don’t even do the right thing because church people are watching me I know how to hide if I want to hide. I choose to be in the Light I choose Jesus on PURPOSE because he has proven his love to me over and over and over again.

I hope and pray for you people around you are patient as you reach out and get to know the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD who loves you so dearly. When we say it’s not about religion we mean it’s a job from the inside out. God doesn’t send you to some brutal military boot camp! Growing In Grace and in the Knowledge of God can take a long time but it’s worth it.

There are people who have had miracles happen and still went back to being who they were before the miracle. it happens all the time. that’s why we shouldn’t have our eyes on Miracles so much but yes Miracles do happen and they will happen more and more.

Laura Grace

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