Fearing no evil -Things that make you say Ouch!

FEAR NO EVILThings that Make you go ouch! and what we do to others!

MAKING PEOPLE GO ouch! I often don’t talk about this my book could only contain so much information. at the time I wrote it my main objective to free people who have been divorced from condemnation and the lie you can never be used by God again. This would be my book Grace to the Rescue by Laura Grace available on Amazon.

When I was with my ex God taught me a lot of stuff and one was about my self righteous attitudes. One time I remember I was very harsh and the Lord spoke the word “bleeding” to me and I went an apologized for my harsh ways IN TEARs because I was so convicted for how I’d behaved. Another time I was all up in arms and mad and indignant over something my ex did and I tripped and fell down the stairs in my anger and got a sprained ankle.

Anger does not produce the righteousness of God. God held me accountable for my ways no matter what “this person” did to me I was still accountable to forgive, produce fruit and pray for righteousness which again was not a result of anger but a surrendered heart toward God to change my heart and mind.

I don’t regret praying to do the right thing when my spouse was doing things that were hurtful all the time. It started me on my journey to Grow. When it became impossible for me to grow any further the Lord delivered me from the snare I was in. He set me free so I could serve him more not so I could carry a grudge all my life. I have forgiven everyone who has ever trespassed against me and I”ve been put to the test on this too! On more than one occasion God still asked me to be a blessing I after I had left.

One time there was a snow storm and “my ex’ needed a place to stay We gave him a free room to stay in at the motel. So see forgiveness will lead to being open to what God says and there wont be a hindrance like “DON”T ASK ME TO DO THAT”  Forgiveness keeps us in a surrendered attitude toward God. We even need to forgive the people who drive stupid on the highway or those who do things that seems to “wreck our lives” ….the truth Is God can restore us. The truth is everything meant for evil will turn out for my good! God said it I believe it and it’s final!

It takes a lot of guts to forgive a person who is abusing you over and over again. I believe in walking by the Spirit that’s what God says to do. It means being LED by the HOLY SPIRIT. What part of the bible applies to you right now is up to the Spirit of God not someone else I don’t care who they are. The Lord IS your shepherd. He wasn’t kidding. I Hope this clarifies for those who think my book is preaching if the marriage is not good just end it. I  prayed for God’s direction and wisdom the whole time I Was married to an abusive person. Sometimes I was led to stand up to evil other times be quiet. I stayed until I Was free to go, amen!

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