In the Light #14 Kingdom things: Fear is not of God (but you don’t get over it overnight!)


Fear wrecks everything it touches. We cannot minister to people effectively when we are afraid for them. True story! We should keep on and continue to ask God to deliver us from fear.

Sometimes we have spiritualized our fear and call it something else because we assume we have no fear. Some are afraid of something and call it “fear of the Lord” but in reality they really are afraid of (whatever it is) then they freak out and yell at the devil and call it warfare. Warfare is done in faith not fear !

This is just bad as saying I can see while still blind. the trouble with being in a hurry to say I can see Is so long as you believe you can see it all or know it all God won’t be able to give you more revelation. ‪#‎stayhumble. Laura Grace, Author

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