Transparent and in the light #15 Fears of former things happening

sunon the lack

  Today I realized that sometimes something that has happened

before makes us fear it will “happen again” especially if it looks

like that is what is happening. For instance an interaction with

someone seems all too familiar and that feeling of “I’ve been in

this place before.” our enemy loves to tell us oh boy here we go

again but the truth is; just because something looks the same

does by no means “MEANs” we will have the same outcome.

there is always Hope! God is the God of hope and he said that

proven character brings hope and hope does not disappoint us.

sometimes we need to realize how things went in the best also

had to do with our “unproven character” and so (my dear friends)

God is doing a new thing! Laura Grace

there is always reason to hope for new and better things with Jesus

on the throne of our hearts and minds. amen!

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