a day of rest: and remember: God is cheering you on!


 I just finished a cup of coffee with snicker doodle creamer. boy was it good!

 My big plan today was a day off (for me) as I am aware a long time ago the

 Lord impressed on me “the reason” I gave a Sabbath is you do need a day

 of rest. Long ago when Jobs were on Sunday and the bills had to be paid I

 was talking to him about it all (complaining seeking finding) and he said you

 do need a day of rest. Make any day your Sabbath and it will be Holy. So I

 told myself I was going to have Saturday off but I couldn’t do that; so then I

 decided this Saturday would be the day of rest and restoration. Thursday I

 had urgent things to do and take care of. My husband fell he is hurting and

 coughing causes him great pain, so this morning I made him breakfast and

 brought him juice and milk. Like a small child I found myself saying “this is

 not fair God this is supposed to be my day off.” Childish, yes it really was.

I wonder if this was what Jesus meant when he asked the Pharisees “don’t

you get an ox out of the ditch on the Sabbath?” See we can understand that

a rule is a rule but what was the rule made for? We really do need to under-

stand the heart behind “God’s rules.” He didn’t make them up to bless himself

he made them to bless US and make things better for US his people whom

he loves so dearly. None of his rules were ever meant to oppress or take away

from life abundant but to help make it happen. He put two people in the garden

of Eden and wanted them delighted, happy, blessed, full of wonder and full of

Joy. (and they were by the way!). When satan came to question God’s good

intentions and goodness that was the beginning of the end (of everything.)

Jesus came to restore us back to a place where the Joy and wonder is restored

to us and we have abundant life! This means a nasty little interruption doesn’t

have to wreck our entire day. We don’t need to feel like we failed because in

the quest to rest we took care of something important. God is not looking for

specks of failure in our day with a red marking pen he is cheering us on! Just

like a parent cheering on their child when they learn to ride a bike or when they

are gaining ground learning to read (or anything else) He is saying “WAY TO GO”

not saying “wow I saw you almost tipped over on your bike TOO BAD you did

not listen to me closer you wouldn’t have “almost fallen.” God is not critical

he is loving and kind. I can promise you He is not. Jesus wept over sin because

he saw it would all end in failure, defeat, heartache, heartbreak and destruction.

If we don’t have a heart to weep over how the error of sin is hurting the person

we probably have no business being all aghast over “their sin.” We should be

like that guy in the book of Eli (the movie) be determined to hang on to what

we believe and the monsters who are trying to take it from us “fight them off”

and keep on going toward your destination. Anyway who wants to know the

treasures of your heart can seek it out and ask. and remember, If you are

on a quest to know him, God is cheering you on! -Laura Grace author of

Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow available on Amazon.

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