Did you fail? really? ……..

Nothing ventured…..nothing gained. by Laura Grace. One time I had a booth In this place and sold crafts. The booth cost 40.00 a month and I sold about 38.00 worth of stuff after my investment in materials. This was my first “business venture” besides selling Avon and Tupperware. I had a property manager business for 3 years I went in the red every single year due to the expense of the license I was maintaining.

When I did a business plan for a motel they said at the bank 48,000 a year profit was not enough. I was told investors either want a huge return or for less return so they can write it off! I really admire people who own a business.

Until you’ve done it you have no idea the expenses and how often you may wind up “working for free.” So yes I dared to fail- and according the bank book I did, however when we learn something nothing is really lost because acquired knowledge is a treasure in our arsenal for future times.

Not only that I made a lot of friends and was able to pray for a lot of people (and hopefully encourage them) some never knew I prayed for them but God did. So no labor of love is in vain. (EVER!). When we feel like God wants us to do something we can’t afford to look at the results and say “this was a failure” …….Cause so long as you learned something…It was not! I learned to respect business owners #1 and #2 I learned to appreciate a paycheck that may seem small but is more than I had when I had a business. LOL ……Laura Grace……www.facebook.com/gracetoogrow/DARE TO FAIL and http://www.facebook.com/gracetotherescue/

Laura’s books are available at amazon and her website and on the FB pages.

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