PEACE! How do you get it?

accepting what I cannot change: by Laura Grace  I was reading an old letter from “Minister Diamond.”

he used to tell me I need to accept what I cannot change. It made me upset so I said that is like giving up. He said it’s not giving up, it’s wisdom. And he said it’s selfish not to accept what we can’t change…….because if we don’t we are not leaving it up to God what to do about it.

He said also that it’s not faith if we don’t accept (and give it up to God what to do about it). So I started to pray I could accept what I can’t change and change me. I didn’t like “ACCEPTING” But I had to otherwise I’d go crazy.

Make me more Christ like I prayed…..”Make me be what you want Father…..the whole time deliberately ignoring what I could not change.”

This was the real beginning of my Journey…other than I had been convinced I was in the secret place with God, he was not going to leave me……… So what happened is I began to get happier, fruit of the spirit began to emerge in my life…….soon I was growing. I know it seems like such an insignificant secret (accepting) but it’s a lot more powerful than you think it is …….and ……you will be at peace as well. A very nice fringe benefit.

RISE -Laura Grace, author of Grace to Rescue and Grace to Grow.

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