The MIrror


The Mirror: …….by Laura Grace

When we look into the word of God and read it it’s like looking in a mirror. We see Jesus and we see ourselves and we see where we don’t look quite LIKE HIM…..so we begin to pray we do look more like him.

Pretty soon we begin to see his traits develop in us. this is a prayer Journey and a growing Journey. Most people want to just put their Jesus clothes on and dress up like him but at the end of the day the clothes do not fit. Better to be patience and behold him and let him change you from Glory to Glory than to rush and be deceived into thinking you are further along than you actually are.

It’s not fair to the others who want overnight success to lead them to believe there is such a thing. The truth is the journey of becoming Christ like is a long Journey and we develop day by day.

We are Saved (born again) but LIKE babies we need to grow and nobody likes to hear that. Everyone wants to believe to be an overnight success story or “instant Jesus” like add water and POOF……..

it doesn’t work that way.WE need to look in the mirror our ownselves and allow God’s Spirit to show us what is what. read books go to church….but don’t let that take the place of your personal relationship with God. Laura Grace Author of Grace to the Rescue, Grace to grow and more upcoming books.

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