Good Morning my friends! God never changes, you know? He’s still the Prince of Peace! The mirror was dark in the Old Testament because it was a shadow of things to come. (therefore a darkened shadowy picture of the Lord.) So now in the beginning the Angels said “Peace on Earth” (when Jesus was born.) So He spoke peace to the earth. In this passage in Jeremiah we see God saying to the prophet:

Jeremiah 29: “pray” for the city where you were sent into exile, for if it prospers you will prosper as well” Here they were sent into exile into a strange land and God is saying “don’t worry” Pray for them to be blessed! In the New Testament in Matthew 5; Jesus has now come on the scene and preaches; “Blessed are the Peacemakers” “blessed are the Merciful” blessed are the meek!”

Hey if you are being abrasive and stirring things up wherever you go THAT is not being a peacemaker. IT doesn’t mean compromise either; which is why the Lord made a reference to being pure in heart (and how do things become pure I ask you?)

When the heat is on; the metal or gold is refined. Why would it feel this way? Well because it’s a trial to believe in things nobody else believes right now. Don’t be all upset! this is your time (to shine) and believe God to be a peacemaker, another son, another merciful vessel prepared to receive those who formerly did not want to know God; but change their minds and are determined to know him. I ask you; how can we be prepared to help anyone Receive the Good news if we are all upset about what is going on in this world? When Jesus came to earth he was not upset. He calmly sat down and begin to teach the things he knew would be helpful and bring sanity and clarity to a turbulent world rocked with pain and suffering. Peace! To you to your household and to your city….in Jesus’ name! Never underestimate the power of your influence in the world around you. Laura Grace DSCN5990Author and light bearer in my corner of the world.

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