BE IN The light! (Right now) AND GOD IS STILL RESCUING ME!

DSCN5990Hey; Laura Grace here.

I want to say I do have another Blog it’s http://www.gracetogrowdaily.wordpress.com I believe that’s the right address. Anyway this one is paid for I just paid for another year so I had better be writing something!

I AM IN THE LIGHT Right now with Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit speaking with you. He wants me to share that no matter what is going on in your life right now; He will help you overcome.

In my book Grace to the rescue, I detail how 16 years of my life was spent in survival mode; struggling to know God and to grow in him; while at the same time married to a person who said they were a Christian but showed no fruit, no faithfulness, no love and no growing. He was a drug addict and he would say he “really wanted’ God to change him but it was not the truth. Had it been the truth he would have made some progress, amen? If I said I was a child of my mom and I wound up looking nothing like her (or my Dad) there would be questions eventually about “where I really came from,” Amen again? Amen!

So I have had quite the struggle. I’ve moved over 50 times in my life and I’ve lost track of how many jobs I had to leave over “my husband’s decisions.” I had people say I would never get a job again my resume looked so bad. My employers loved me but my resume was looking like a cocktail of dysfunction and gypsy-ism. I’ve had to have faith to live for so long I can’t remember when I didn’t have to live by Faith. Right now I live in a town of 250 people and I am counting my BLESSINGS I am okay at all! I published a book in 2013 a very scary task for me but the Lord urged me on. At the time I was working 2 jobs and praying daily that we wouldn’t lose our house as I watched the bill skyrocket out of control. I had no insurance and had to have 10,000 worth of dental work done. The bills mounted and I was using credit cards for gas to get to work and food each month in 2012. That same year my husband lost his job. NOW keep in mind God restored me after I left this bad marriage in 2002 and I had literally nothing when I started all over again in life (at age 40). So to have been restored and have it all supposedly going up in flames was not so acceptable to me. I Prayed; Put it all in God’s hands and we are still okay after almost two years in ND working there to save our butts from disaster with God’s help.

AS IF I didn’t have enough problems; it’s beginning to look like the publisher I went through is stealing from me or not paying my royalties. I haven’t wanted to believe this is happening but I see a lot of testimony out there of “others” who have said Tate doesn’t pay them. I haven’t been paid a fraction of the royalties I know I should have coming yet. Therefore I am putting books under my name now and publishing myself. I refuse to be broken, refuse to give up and refuse to believe God is NOT with me because I KNOW THAT HE IS! He has called me chosen me, sustained me, blessed me, rescued me, provided for me, loved me, cherished me and taken care of me all of these years. He’s not about to stop now.

I am reminded of how many including “watchman Nee” said they were severely attacked by the enemy while they were pioneering new things for the Lord that he had put on their hearts to say. I KNOW I am anointed of God to help people gain a closer relationship with him. NO matter what I say you’ll be blessed because my heart is on target wanting you to receive from him, get closer to him, learn from him and be blessed by him! (the Lord that is) and he is with me on this! YOU CAN BE closer to God if you really want to be. All you need is willingness, desire, sincerity and to just get started. If you can’t afford my book write me I will do my best to get one to you. With love prayers and affection for you the people of God:

Laura grace

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