Agreement vs Unity

Agreement vs unity:

Agreement and unity are not the same thing. Okay? Not the same. We can agree to go to a restaurant and we all go there; but we don’t all order the same thing. Where we ate is unity, what we had to eat is either agreement or disagreement. We do not have to have a fight about it and tell others they should have had the chicken. We like potatoes, they like rice.
We like chocolate, they like vanilla. Unity agrees we all need to eat something; we can agree on what restaurant to eat at (or not) but nobody has the right to tell you if you should or shouldn’t except God himself. Doctrines of men is a feeble attempt to get everyone into agreement, assuming it will also bring unity. The trouble is we need to be unified in the idea that we all need Jesus as our savior and we all need to know him.
We do not have to be in agreement as to how we do it, how we achieve it, or how exactly it will happen. Disagreements are the number one reason for strife and dis-unity in the body of Christ. It was addressed long ago in our bible; “one follows this, one follows that, you are yet carnal,” it says. What part of this do we not understand? It’s time for unity; don’t you think?

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