God our Protector

gaurd dog 4

Don’t mess with my kids!

Gaurd dog 3.gif
watching over children




I really believe GOD is a lot like a guard dog. He watches over us when we invite him to be his friend. IF we say ‘leave them alone” he will. If we say “sic em” (deliver us from evil) he will. I’m referring to the devil here and I know God does not take kindly to the devil and his cohorts messing with us. When it comes to people we can learn to dodge, get away from or not be involved with people who mess with us or try to hurt us or have no motive in their lives than to wreck our day. All we have to say is stay away from me! But with the devil it’s like so long as you are not demonstrating you are his friend (the devil’s friend) The Lord will go after him like a loyal canine and protect you! Often I watch my dog and see his hair go up on the back of his neck and the growl that warns “you better not mess with my owner” and I think to myself, yes that is how God is. “don’t mess with my kids” Crying to God for deliverance is a lot like saying: “sic em” (to the enemy) eventually God may lead us to a place where we need to say “YOU HAVE TO FLEE” But trust me, God will back you up on this when you do tell the devil to flee.

Book of James, book of Ephesians, book of Psalms

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