Insulting the Spirit of Grace

What does mean exactly? AS I was driving home today from journey into a neighboring city, God was speaking to my heart about Solomon. There I was, in the car with Him asking questions and trusting the Holy spirit to teach me.

Suddenly I saw that Solomon (the wisest man ever) was given this blessing of finances because when he ASKED For wisdom (instead of money) he was actually being very generous. The bible says a generous man prospers.

He was generous with his “one request’ God was granting to him at the time. He sowed a seed by asking for wisdom instead of something for himself. God knew he would become idolatrous but he granted the request anyway. Why? Because God is fair and he honors his word.

When Solomon began to get involved with the idols of his wives and concubines; the spirit of Grace was insulted by this.

It isn’t written down this way in our bible: but I know That in the New Testament we are warned not to insult the Spirit of Grace. God began to show me that many times what we consider to be “disobedience” is actually insulting him after he’s blessed us so richly.

The loving-kindness of God is meant to lead us to repentance. That is to honor him, serve him, thank him, be so grateful we run to his arms and say what else can I do for you Father God? When the Spirit of Grace is insulted he moves away and therefore the enemy has more access into our lives. We do not want this. A new take or perspective on why “bad things” happen to people when they insult the very Spirit and Heart of God by rewarding his good toward them with evil thoughts and greedy behavior.

From the upcoming book “grace to Grow study guide” by Laura Grace.

cheers! God bless you! Carry on!









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