Writing people off. Why do we do this?

I’ve been serving God and see him as my savior and Lord for almost 30 years now. I don’t know what trips you up but most of the time what trips me is up the most is my dealings with people.

It is so hard to read passages like “how can two walk together unless they agree” (in our bible) and find ourselves in disagreements with People all the time or even “every so often.”

We see the truth how CAN we walk together if we don’t agree? We find ourselves trying to force people to agree with us and it’s not pretty. I’ve tried it all. Fasting praying letting go. yes even arguing.

Some people we let go of never return. Its fine with us if we don’t like them that much but if it’s a spouse or child or even a close friend we find that the letting go idea isn’t all that easy. It feels like a death.

I just want to share something a little bit shocking here: I find that in people who don’t serve God “Often” they have more common sense than we do as Christians. They will say things like “let’s agree to disagree” and move on. It’s good to say we are of God and we are of him and talk about the Holy Spirit leading us; but the truth is what works for us may not work for someone else.

Or maybe what God has dealt with US about he hasn’t dealt with them on that yet. I want to share there are times we share what God put on our hearts to say but sometimes nobody will listen (or care!).

Why are we in such a hurry to write people off I wonder? Why do we not believe the best of them until God says to do otherwise? I am convicted about all the times I get defensive when I should be saying “why did you say that? Or “why did you do that?” and try to understand people versus just jumping on their cases. Any thoughts?

One of my thoughts is that in today’s society it seems popular to label people. Instead of people talking and working things out I see a whole lot of people taking sides; declaring others who don’t agree to be their mortal enemies. If we let that way of life get into us as Christians (labeling or taking sides and/or jumping to conclusions about people) then we have become worldly. The bible says not to be like this world.

so then Holiness takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it? Father please help us treat each individual person as the unique person that they are. Help us not be become like the world and “label people” as haters or anything else.

Help us stay open to the leading of your spirit and discovering why people think the way they do.  “Father: Help us not to make generalizations as that is the easy way to go. You did not do this when you walked the earth Lord Jesus. You took the time to talk to Nicodemus in the night. You talked to a woman at the well. You were not into “labels” but took the time to speak with those who wanted to know. Please help us be like that.

Father please help us treat others as we want to be treated. Help us to love like you love and help us to be Graceful merciful and long suffering (and kind as well). In Jesus’ name we pray and help us Father NOT to throw babies out with the bathwater and we pray we would not be so quick to judge even when we are being judged ourselves.

For you are not like this; so neither should we be like this. In Jesus’ name. amen -Laura Grace















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