A New Twist on being thankful….

Hi there! Laura Grace here! thomas wedding me and thomas 2This is my son Thomas. I am thankful for friends, family my daughter my grandchildren, daughter in laws, step son, dogs, husband…..Mom and many others (and God of course) but I have to share that we were talking about thanksgivings in the past (my husband and I) and what we are truly thankful for today is we are not FUSSING! We are eating link sausage and French toast and there are minimal dishes. We are more thankful because we simplified! It’s fine to have a day to say “be thankful” but what are we really thankful for? be honest! sleeping in?

I am featuring Thomas because he talks about “quality time.” he is super busy but he makes time for me; even if it’s a 20 minute lunch having a corn dog together. I APPRECIATE That so much! He doesn’t just give up on seeing me because there is not time to spend the whole day together.

Thank you Thomas!

Meals out and you don’t have to cook? Some are thankful to cook all day some are not! those who are not should not be forced to do it and be told to be cheerful while doing it!

I have jumped through that hoop a thousand times and let me tell you what. It was a blessing not to wake up and wonder what time I should get the turkey going! So be honest! what are you REALLY Thankful for? (each and every day) and let’s not lie to each other because I think that may be more of a sin that “not really” being all that thankful for all the work that holidays seem to involve sometimes. Hope my honesty doesn’t shake you up too much. with Love prayers and Rejoicing! Minister of the Lord:


Laura Grace

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