a cry for Holy boldness…….

I was driving today and praying and asked God for Holy Boldness. In Fact I used a different term but I won’t share it here. I want to talk about this man for a minute, the one pictured below. He was saved and called at 16, filled with the Holy Spirit and Baptized in the Holy Spirit. He served as a minister in a church for years. During that time he was praise and worship leader, some guys and him formed a band an ministered in Flint MI and other places.

Many got saved as a result of his street ministry. His Dad was an ordained minister he was a minister without the papers but he had Holy Ghost Credentials. His wife left him for his best friend, turned his kids against him, she mocked him and he quite literally went through hell.

He was homeless for awhile after the wife took everything including his beloved children. Diamond got re married but the years of hard work tree farming, roofing and all the very hard labor he did broke his body down. in his 50’s he could no longer do what he used to do. He became “unknown” after being very well known but he was never unknown to the devil. The devil feared him and when he prayed demons would flee.

He found himself on a fixed income and found himself trying to minister to people and while many would accept his prayers, few would receive his teachings which were given to him By God and he had no children to pass them on to, for he could no longer even find them or make contact with them because of the terrible onslaughts that were done to him by his ex wife.

One day he prayed “God just send one, just one person that will receive and be good soil.” and God sent me because I was praying “Father please send me a personal prophet, teacher, minister who will actually talk to me and be my friend.”

So it happened that Diamond and I became friends and while I never met him in person: The treasure of his heart that he shared with me is beyond worth and far better than silver and gold. See; I could not afford to go to college and I could not even afford the time to go. not everyone can.

Now his life reminds me of a modern day Apostle: beaten, broken, left for Dead yet somehow God raised him back up again. With the last years of his life he preached he prayed and he encouraged everyone daily including me, his beloved wife and the people in his neighborhood. He prayed for those unknown folk as if they were his congregation because in fact: They were his congregation. I sent him 20.00 one time he wept like I sent him a million.

He was so grateful for every little good thing that ever happened to him I personally felt ashamed for not being that way myself at times. His life radiated God’s glory every day I knew him for 8 solid years. Now; I know his labors of Love are not in vain. I know the revelations he shared with me as well as my own that emerged as a result of his prayers and others will not go untold or unspoken. His words will travel far and wide because I will tell the story.  His desire to reach multitudes will be answered because God will use me and the secrets God shared with him and then with me will be revealed. How do I know this?

Because God’s labors of love over him are not in vain. His Labors of love over me are not in vain. God doesn’t equip people and then “not” send them out to tell the story.

I prayed a whole lot of stuff today and guess what? God heard me! I Will carry the torch I will lift high the flame…..I will march through the darkness in the light of his name; Til the Glory of God is seen by the world: I will carry the torch of the Lord. So it is I know God will help me write “the rest” of my books. And I know they will go far and wide for the glory of his name. Amen.

-by Laura Grace

diamond and LJDennis Diamond Kelley with LJ His Grandson He died of cancer in 2015

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