How I hear from God

WHEN I hear from God: by Laura Grace

I seem to always hear from the Lord when My soul is at rest. no turbulence no worries no fears…nothing but just like this girl picking flowers; or I’m going for a drive and all my cares and concerns are completely cast on him. As the scripture says on my cover “the government” is upon HIS shoulders.

We feel like everything is on our shoulders but he invites us to roll it onto his shoulders. Solomon was asked that important question in a dream (God asking what he wanted) many heard from God in dreams in the OT I wonder if it was because they were at rest. I used to think I had to sit and tarry for hours to hear from God but not so.

We do need to be at rest however, so I have found all the hours of praying is not what GETS me the blessing it was already there…….the truth is that it took a lot of work to clear my soul of the junk that collects when we are hammered with obligations and duties and things we must do (which we do not know exactly how we should do it!)

Maybe the money is short or decisions must be made (and so on and so forth) so we have to work to clear away the worry, junk and clutter and just strive or be determined to “enter in” to his rest. make sense? -From my upcoming book grace to Grow study Guide.FLOWER MARKET.jpg

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