The Art of Encouragement

sad faceThe art of encouraging others actually springs from a heart of love (and mercy). So many times we wonder why some are great at encouraging and others are not.

One of the ingredients of a great encourager; is they know what it is to suffer. Have you ever had a situation where you were really suffering and someone came along and said; “what wrong?” and then you told them and they scowled at you and said, “Oh that used to happen to me all the time, it’s no big deal!” Did you feel better? Why or why not?

Worse yet; Have you ever had the shock of having someone tell you they had a way worse problem last week; that you really have nothing to complain about at all? Now that’s harsh!

It can be a really fine line sometimes; trying to determine when we are giving too much sympathy and when we are being too harsh.

I’ve made so many mistakes in my lifetime; saying the wrong thing at the wrong time; there are times I have seemed to make things worse instead of better as I struggled to help.

Here’s the thing; We have a far better hope of offering the right type of encouragement if we ask our Heavenly Father for guidance.

We can all be great encouragers if we really set our minds to it. It takes Growing to do this; did you know this?

So you tried to encourage someone last week; last year; maybe even yesterday and it seemed to do no good! Get up and try again! Pray you can be better at this! You will get there! Practice makes perfect!

say this with me: “I am an encourager.” “I am a blessing” “the Lord teaches me new things every day and I am growing! Father I forgive myself for all my past mistakes and thank you this is a NEW DAY with no mistakes in it! and by the way:


Let your light shine!



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