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First of all; I want to remind you the things of God are simple; easy and not hard. He never meant for religious people to come along and make things complicated.
One of the reasons Jesus was so adamant about standing up to the Pharisees, is that their complicated ways scared people, intimidated people, and made them afraid to enter into his Kingdom.
When Jesus began to do miracles; who do you think manifested?
Think about this for a moment.
Here is Jesus; the way, the truth, and full of light. In speaking God’s words with power; we know he was a light who was even a greater light than John the Baptist; who went before him.
Not only demons manifested and fled at his presence; but other things manifested as well.
When Jesus was seen by the disciples walking on the water during a storm; they feared he was a ghost. Fears manifested. When the religious leaders saw everyone following him; jealousy and all kinds of selfish ambitions, pride hatred and a determination to get rid of him, also manifested as a result of his presence.
Everyone gets excited about the passage which says the sons of God will be manifested; but we really don’t like to see what else pokes out when God and his light are on the move.
From my soon to be published book; Grace to Grow Study Guide
by Laura Grace

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