Rescue us Jesus: by Laura Grace

Rescue me Jesus from the trials and woes. Save me Lord Jesus from my head to my toes. Deliver me quickly; from the doctrines of men. Renew by your Spirit again and again.

Rescue me Jesus: again and again; from all evil power and the snares of men. I believe in You Jesus; in your power and love. I believe in our Father who presides up above. I don’t blame you for trials, for troubles or woes. I know you deliver us; from all of our foes.

You are good, you are good; that is just what you are. You brought us back to the Father; when the road was too far. You don’t want us in sin; cause it just causes trouble. And when it comes to your blessing: I believe you for double. You fill us cups full; and fill us with wonder.

You sent us your Spirit; to make up for the plunder. The enemies’ defeated; we believe you to win. We believe for your blessing; again and again.

We love you Lord Jesus; thanks for coming to Earth. To show signs and wonders, and to give us new birth. Thanks for you blessings: we do love you so! You’re the wonder of wonders; you defeated our foe!

Wherever I’m at: wherever I stand. I believe for your guidance; in a very sad land. I believe for your Joy, I believe for your love. I believe for your angels; sent from above. I believe for your Power; I believe for your grace, I believe for your mercy; help me finish the race.

You talked to the sinners; you set many free; Oh let me be one: whose once blind-eyes can see. Let my ears be wide open: let my heart be so rich; with your love and your blessing; I fall in no ditch.

Oh Keep us from stumbling; and make your ways plain. We trust you Lord Jesus: again and again. You are the Highest of all; you are first born all sons. You are Lion of Judah; whom the world wants to shun.

We love you Lord Jesus; come rescue us all! We receive restoration; you help when we call. All the glory to you; forever and ever. We receive in our hearts; Your words; which we treasure.

Rescue us Jesus! you’re here when we call. We declare that you’re Lord; over all, over all.


By Laura Grace 12-20-2015MUSIC JESuS.jpg


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