Striving to feel Chosen: Accepted and beloved

I want to talk a little bit today about being chosen versus feeling chosen. A lot of people strive to “feel” what the word of God says they are. I remember Jesus saying “you did not choose me, I chose you.”

The bible also says: Many are called but few are chosen. Do you know why this is? I used to wonder. For years I strove with God about whether or not I was chosen. Every time I was not chosen for something in the church; every time someone did not choose me for anything I questioned again whether or not I was chosen.

The root (of rejection) ran very deep; because all the way back to grade school; I was not chosen for the kickball team, not chosen for the 1st string on basketball, not chosen for many things that seemed to be important at the time. I remember running for a class election and school and getting about three votes. Oh My goodness it hurt! I was teased on the bus; made fun of for my clothing (in school) and even for the shoes I wore that were not “in style.” Life was brutal; and back then nobody cared about bullying.

So honestly; I never did consider that all these accumulated life “hurts” was affecting me at times; after I’d been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and found myself at many times, in many places; feeling rejected. Every time I had another rejection happen; I found myself wondering if I was even chosen by God; or had he forgotten me? Was I not good enough, skilled enough; or talented enough? What could possibly make him choose me, I wondered.

First of all, in Galatians 2 Paul talks about false brethren. So there is such a thing (or he wouldn’t have mentioned it). Therefore: sometimes we are dealing with this type of people; while other times we are dealing with someone who just does not see our potential and/or calling. The reason few are chosen is few find that narrow path where they believe with all their heart what Jesus said about them no matter what. If you choose to follow (Him) You are indeed chosen; because you have chosen to be chosen. Don’t believe me? Ask God if I’m right! he will tell you; I know he will. Ask for confirmation on this.

 [ Glory Only in the Lord ] For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. 1 Corn

And why would God not call the wise according to the flesh? It’s not that he doesn’t want to; It’s that they cannot hear him.  They are too full of themselves and the wisdom of this world to hear him calling. Ever heard the saying “turning a deaf ear?” Some are so focused on what this world has to say they do not hear the voice of Jesus anymore.

This is the type of subject matter I am dealing with in my study guide “Grace to Grow” study guide (soon to be published.) I want to put to rest this idea you cannot be chosen; That God is somehow leaving you out because people who say they are of God refuse to choose you.

We have a high Priest (book of Hebrews) and his name is Jesus. He is the High Priest of your life. Not man. He decides who is chosen; Not man. You can choose to be chosen! With love and affection for you all:


Laura Grace





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