The least of the brethren………

I was reading the passage in Matthew 25 today what you did for the least of these (my brethren) you did for me. (Jesus said). So when you care for a person who seems to be not that important or not that significant or not that “popular” Jesus said you did it for him Personally.  (the least of his brethren). Incidentally Paul called himself “the least” as well and the “chief of sinners.”

We need to not worry about people who “think” they are so important and just do what God tells us to do. Bless who he tells you to bless and who he puts on your heart to bless. I’d love to sell more books but frankly if I have to tout myself as being the guru of society to do it I guess it won’t get done. I am seriously put off by a lot of Marketing tactics I see. I trust this; If you need any book I have written God will surely get it into your hands.

So count on this: if you give so much as A Quarter to someone God wanted you to bless you will not lose your reward! Words of Jesus.


Laura Grace (Author, minister, mom, grandma, wife, friend and always willing to pray for you. Peace!  

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