What Christmas means to me……..


When I was in high school what stood out to me about Christmas was the music.

I was raised in Lutheran church so every year the songs at Christmas were the times I truly felt the Holy Spirit. We’d sing Angels we have heard on High and Oh Little town of Bethlehem; I know we sang “do you hear what I hear?” and many others. I felt God’s presence at Christmas time in church. I would see the lights against the dark sky and think about God and his light shining in the darkness. Christmas ministered to my heart.

When I was a kid we always read the bible story about Jesus and his birth. I would think about Mary and Joseph and how hard they had it (every single

year). I appreciated the family devotional time which happened at Christmas in our home. It was very special to me. Mom made fudge and popcorn balls and the house was full of wonder and good smells all the time.

She made all kinds of things and there was the holiday dinner to look forward to. Presents sat under the tree. The air was full of excitement and wonder all the time all during The Christmas season.

When I got older and was in church With my own children, I remember one year we decided to celebrate Hanukah. This was because I had read that Christmas had “pagan roots” and I was troubled about it, so we celebrated Hanukah that year. The kids had fun but thought it was a little bit weird.

In the process however; I did learn about Hanukah and that was a lot of fun. Every year my kids were growing up God did some sort of miracle for me at Christmas time. One year it was angels on my tree. Another time a friend bought me a real tree. Another time yet; I had no money for a tree and someone in church handed me 20.00. And yes all those years my mom sent us packages. she was always faithful to send us her never ending love and gaily wrapped packages.

I didn’t teach my kids about Santa because I felt it was a lie so I didn’t want them not to trust me because they found out later Santa wasn’t true or real. that was just my decision; but they always knew I was praying about Christmas time. I remember the year I made “quilted decorated tins” with my friend and prayed to sell them to have Christmas money. another year it was selling ornaments and sachets I had made. God even had to provide the materials for the crafts I couldn’t come up with it on my own. Every year I said “It’s Christmas Lord, I know you care” and every year he did care. Finally there came that year at the end of 2012.

Tim had lost his job and I had no gifts for anyone. Determined to not lose the Christmas spirit I prayed and felt led to hang cups on the tree and I also wrapped coffee cups and put them under the tree.

I prayed over each gift that the person who received them would be blessed with their cups OVERFLOWING ….that they would be granted desires of the heart and their cups would overflow. I know for sure two families that received those cups were super blessed from what I can see. It’s all I had to give that year:

My prayer and a cup that was empty and praying each one who came to receive one would be blessed. that year a total stranger came to my door I had said “whoever comes” will get one of those coffee cup packages.

So I told him I had prayed over the cups and he looked at me like I was touched in the head but he took a gift and said thank you. that following year brought a series of miracles financially that took care of us and we did not lose our home as we thought we might. We didn’t go bankrupt as we knew could have happened. the enormous pile of stacked up bills we had no hope to paid are for the most part paid now.

Christmas for God and I is a very special time. I have no idea why -but at Christmas

I always expect miracles……

I really do……..and if a day is Holy to you it is holy (My bible says) so

“OH HOLY NIGHT” Oh holy Christmas…..

THANK you FATHER for this remarkable celebration of your love.

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