Are you Receiving? God is revealing!

Hi there! Well I wanted to share today something the Lord imparted to me. I want you to look at the Beatitudes in Matthew again. You know the one: “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. “Blessed are the Merciful.”

Have you ever heard of someone who was not comforted while in mourning? I have! Why do you suppose that is?

Did God lie to us? (Certainly not!). If we refuse comfort when it’s offered we will not be comforted. If we refuse preaching on righteousness we will not receive it into our hearts (and minds.)

Nothing of God is automatic. We are not on auto pilot with our Salvation just because we Gave our hearts to God years ago.

The truth is we have to receive a gift in order to benefit from it. Take it out; Look at it; Cherish it; and discover all the gift has to offer. What all could we use it for? I say God’s gifts are multi-faceted and much more versatile for use in our daily life than we first expected.

Have you taken out the gift of his word lately and asked him just what it might apply to today (in your life?) and have you asked him how his word applies in your life personally? He wants to reveal (uncover) and show you all the many benefits of the words he spoke through his servants; and I dare say: even branch out more levels of Revelation to you as you grow to become his Mighty Tree (of righteousness!) amen


Laura grace, Author of Grace to Grow Grace to the Rescue and Grace to Grow Study guide. Box WITH LIGHT.jpg

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