unrealistic expectations at Christmas

I love Christmas: but I also know, a lot of unrealistic expectations do happen at this time of year.

For some it can be a very depressing holiday.

I really don’t want to mince words when I say there are many who have no family at Christmas time and there are children for whom “Santa” will never show up.

There are sad people, homeless people; Hungry people and people who have no Christmas presents to give.

If you have some great Christmas memories: blessed are you! Every year I Think about how Jesus was born in a manger IN a stable because there was no room for him at the Inn. 

Angels were proclaiming his birth; and wise men were listening and following a star to find him and give him gifts. He came to Earth on the biggest mission ever known to man- and hell was so upset they got on a king’s case to try and kill him by murdering hundreds of innocent children in the hope to get rid of him.

And yet, Jesus did not go away. He stayed and completed his mission so we could all be saved if we would only receive him and receive the gift he gave to us: Reconciliation with God and eternal life.

It really is a gift nobody can match as far as love, sacrifice, and the highest price possible in Heaven was paid to show you just how valuable your soul really is to God the Father. There is no way I would trade a paltry tree, gift or even millions of dollars for my experience of God loving me and saving my eternal soul. When I think of his gift of love and shed blood and sacrifice being trampled on like it’s a common thing all I want to do is weep.

Jesus says to me “do not weep child” just rejoice your name is written in the book of life. “Receive my love and receive my gift to you” all I ask is that you worship me and acknowledge me as your King.”

What better gift is there? Nothing! Father I thank you for sending your son Jesus to save me. There is no greater gift in heaven or on earth than what you have already given me. I praise you thank you and adore you. Let me life a life worthy of the sacrifice you have made for me. In Jesus’ name.

-Laura Grace




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