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Bread and Living water

bread of life

I have friends I break bread with sometimes. Oh we may not necessarily take communion together; (although some have done that with me) but breaking bread together is like the anointing: a reminder that Jesus is the bread and the living water!

He’s the righteousness we feast upon so we never hunger and his words are living water to us that we never thirst. The dry places come from trying to live in religion and the dead letter of the law.

He challenges us to grow and become this bread and living water that others may also be filled whenever they are around us.

Jesus hung out with his 12 disciples and made sure they had everything they needed (to be equipped) to go out and do what they were called to do. A multiplication process happened.

The seeds Jesus planted have gone forth; and they were perfect seeds by the way: Perfectly good seeds yet some of them did fall by the way. Why? Because some were not very interested in what he had to say.

Why do you fill yourself with that which does not satisfy? (Jesus asks!) as he and the Father and His Spirit are one: he asked that question long ago, and the question still hangs over us; for many it is unanswered to this day. Just as Jesus went to a Samaritan; a tax collector; a prostitute and many others who are deemed to be unworthy by the religious society of today; He is going out and reaching them now.


He doesn’t go where he is not wanted; He goes where he IS wanted. He is the bread of life and he is the living water! and if you are becoming like him: YOU WILL BE TOO! I challenge you to choose to be life! Choose to be like him! See what he says when you ask him to give you the meaning of the scriptures before you.


with Love and Faith for your growing:

Laura Grace: author Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and the upcoming book Grace to Grow Study guide soon to be released.



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