Evangalism and the Great Commission what it really is (and isn’t)

What makes a person willing to be saved? How did you get saved? I can tell you for me it was the moment I realized that my own ways were not working; that I gave my heart to Jesus and told him he could have my life. Not only were my own ways not working; but I finally realized that if I didn’t give myself over to him; He was not going to give himself over to me either.

God doesn’t budge (from his stance or way of doing things) no matter how much we batter him with our theories of how he could do things better.

You may not like what I am about to say: but I have to tell you (and God is with me on this) He (The Lord) is into saving lost souls; and not so much into saving all of humanity.

If it were not for his Mercy, His Compassion, and his grace to go to the cross and give us a way back to God the Father; none of us would be here right now. People who choose not to believe in God cannot see this; won’t see it; refuse to see it and therefore they cannot see. If you stick a blazing light in the eyes of a blind man; he won’t see your light.

He may feel irritated about the extra heat in the room; but he cannot see so long as he is blind. This is why I don’t believe in arguing about politics.

We’ve got supposed Christian people out there; acting crazier than the people they are supposedly so worried about. And we wonder why nobody is getting saved. Why would they not want to give their lives for this one we represent? (We wonder) he is so good! But are you good?

Is it really righteous to go around calling people sinners when we still have a big beam in our own eye?

This is why (I have learned) that the only way I can effectively lead someone to Christ is to tell them my own story or testimony. I don’t believe in ramming a scripture down someone’s throat.

All I can say honestly; is the one who saved me will also save you if you ask him. Realize that is someone asks you why you have this hope (inside you) that you can always be willing to share it.

Don’t be afraid (to share) what you know; but stop when you do not know and stop pulling rubber stamp Christian sayings out of your hat.

Someone’s very soul is at stake; this is not a game; and getting someone saved is not something you can do personally. You recognize a grain ripe for the harvest; you harvest it in. Someone else did the work before you and you are blessed to participate. That’s the way this works. Any other type of Evangelism involving scare tactics or manipulation is not of God. And I might add: probably won’t stick either.

Becoming a grown-up minister of God

The only way we can become grown up ministers of God is if we apply ourselves to learn from the Holy Spirit. There is too much copy and pasting going on; too much quoting or misquoting the uninformed; who say they know but do not know much in reality. Sooner or later; we begin to realize that we knew all along that a lot of people are full of hot air and have more confidence than they really ought to have.

Not confidence in truth, mind you; just confidence the masses want to hear what they are saying and they know they can get away with it for a time.

Grown up ministers of God often do not fit the description (or format) of what we think ministers ought to be. We have movies, television, and a lot of religious ideas in our heads; taught to us from the time we are born. Don’t you think Jesus knows this? Why do you think he called some fisherman and some ordinary guys to just “follow him?” He wanted to train them; renew them; equip them for the great work of the Great Commission. And, I might add; none of them went to seminary.

Question: Are you really brave enough to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading? Why or why not? What things scare you about this? (Write them down). And pray over them as well. -from the upcoming book; grace To Grow the Study guide: by Laura Grace

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