What you are contending with In this day and age

I am going to post here a link from Yahoo Answers; Religion and Spirituality where I was frequently trying to “help” a few years back.


In this particular link You will see the type of things we are dealing with in today’s society and thinking. It’s not the same as it was 20 years ago folks.

Instead of being smarter than a 5th grader; Today’s Christian is going to need to be able to stand up to what I would call an almost “rabid” group of atheists in this society. They are shrewd. They are confident. They are without mercy and they run in mobs.

If you are not dealing with this you’ll be dealing with others who insist we can run and commit any sin imaginable (as often as we want to) and if God really loves us like he said he did; He will not say a word about it or discipline us at all. After all he does understand we were “born into sin” right?

You aren’t just dealing with some people who had a little misunderstanding with God: There are people who hate God and they are growing in numbers. Pat answers won’t work. Cliche’ sayings aren’t going to work either. What your grandma believed is not going to get you through what’s coming.

I am almost done with my book Grace to Grow Study guide now. It’s designed and written in such a way as to leave you able to grow on your own with God; yet has enough anointed tips to point you in the right direction without taking away your ability to be unique and useful to the Lord almighty. I can sleep at knowing I am fulfilling my calling and doing my best to do my part to assist and share (with the Body of Christ) what has helped me in my quest to grow.

Growing is not enduring. It’s not “just getting through it.” Growing means you really truly know more than you did last week (in Christ) and more than the week before that and the week before that.

IF you do not feel (truly) like you have grown I pray you get a hunger and thirst for Growing up in Christ. We need full grown Christians to fight the battle that’s ahead.


With love and soberness:
Laura Grace Author: #grace to the rescue #grace to grow #let there be light #ABC’s of Christianity #sons of God find on Amazon today


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