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Being Humble…what it means to me by Laura Grace


Being humble to me means I am teachable. I remember seeing a passage of scripture how a donkey was used to rebuke a prophet and stop his madness and he spoke and said why are you beating me?

The Prophet was going the wrong way and God in his Mercy used an animal to rebuke him! I’ve learned a lot through my life; and God has used many things to teach me. Just as he used the parables of the wheat and many other parables with his disciples; why do we think we will do “greater things than Jesus” yet he won’t allow or use other things to teach us besides what is written in our bible right before us?

God has used my enemies to teach me things at times; he has used my captors; he has used everything to get across to me the truths he is wanting me to know. A good Father doesn’t care how his children “get it” they just rejoice when they do get it. God is with you. Don’t be afraid to let him teach you things while you and he walk this road called life.

Father I do thank and praise you for teaching me things every day of my life. Thank you that you teach me to hear the truth and train my ears to receive wisdom. Thank you for giving me a new heart to love and serve you. I thank you that I shall not be afraid; for you are with me oh Lord.


In Jesus’ name. amen



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