How do I know I am growing?

We are growing if and when we stay open to new things God wants to teach us today. We are listening; our ears are tuned in to hear him. We are asking to see and we are seeing new things in his word. It’s exciting! Our lives in him are vibrant and we know it. We know more today than we did yesterday.

We are excited because the more we grow the more we need new clothing to accommodate the blessing. We are doing things we could not do before; because my dear; we are growing.

If someone has been serving God over twenty years and they have not expanded their horizons in the least; I would say they are probably not growing. Growing Christians step out and try new things; they wake up and one day they believe they can do something they had never done before.

They break out of their comfort zones and they stretch out like the branches on a tree. Soon many birds are finding refuge in their branches: and even the fruit loving varmints are trying to get to the fruit on their tree. Just as I am writing this book right now; something in them says: “There is so much” God has given to me, I have to share it!”

They have to can it, freeze it; preserve it somehow for future feedings because they know deep down what they are hungry for; someone else is likely hungry for it as well.

Fruit satisfies you; it doesn’t you feeling empty or lacking or half full.

I need to ask you another question to ponder:

Do you ever go to a church service, read a book or call someone to minister to you and walk away feeling you did not get full? If so what did you do about it? Do you complain and never go to church again because they must all be phony; or do you reach out to God for the answer? Are there areas in your life you have just shut down because you are angry nobody seemed to have the answers you needed? If so; what is stopping you from seeking God for the answers yourself? From the upcoming book:

Grace to Grow study Guide by Laura Grace, author of Grace to Grow.

http://www.facebook.com/gracetoogrow/  Books available at Tate Publishing and Amazon as well as writing me: sisterzeal@yahoo.com



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