Envy….the almost forgotten sin


You know…….(I just have to say this) I’ve been guilty of this one many times and I hate to even admit it.

I remember back when I was first saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and all in love with God (and on fire for him) and I still love him so very much by the way; perhaps more than ever before! I remember getting on people’s cases for not going to church enough or tithing or just whatever I was doing that they were not doing.

When I shared Jesus with a stranger who was struggling; now that was out of love in my heart as I was led to do; but there were also times I (like a child) got on the cases of people because again; they were not doing what I thought I had to be doing and so; (my dears) the actual motive was envy; not love as I thought.

Ever been envious your husband got to sit around while you had to do a bunch of dishes and laundry on the weekend? (wives?) or how about the husband being envious of his wife and her shopping?

We are so accustomed to thinking of Jealousy as a thing that happens when someone cheats on us that we fail to see the motives behind our madness sometimes. OR we are so caught up in being aghast at the sins of others we fail to see the envy creeping in our very souls and coming out of our mouths as supposed “spiritual warnings” to others. We need to examine ourselves; this is what growing is all about.

with love and blessings for you all and myself as well!

Laura Grace Author: Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and Grace to Grow Study guide soon to be released and this book will knock yours socks off!







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