“Spiritual Warfare” What does it mean?

I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with me: However I am compelled to share on this at least a little bit on this today (my own personal testimony). James said via the Holy Spirit; “submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee.”

How this happens has been depicted I everything from exorcisms to lengthy deliverance services while praying in tongues. 

In the battle of Jericho warfare was walking silently around the city for several days; doing exactly as God instructed. I’m pretty sure Noah was resisting the enemy (in surrender to God) when he just kept building the Ark day after day; no matter what was going on around him.

How God Leads Christians to do spiritual warfare is up to him. Instead of wondering why we all do things differently sometimes; Maybe it’s time to ponder how we can rejoice over our differences and maybe pick up some tips from each other rather than squabbling over these things.

Some people resist the enemy of their souls by simply refusing to listen to the negative thoughts that hit their brain; others command him to flee in the name of Jesus.

But I do wish to remind you that even in a war; the soldiers are accountable to listen to the commanding officer; they are not allowed to just shoot whenever and wherever they want to without consequences.  

I am reminded of the passage where it is said if we cast out demons but do not KNOW Jesus he will say: (do you know what it says?) ………..

The scariest type of Christian is one not surrendered to his commanding officer (Jesus; bishop of their soul!).

I think it’s good for us all to remember Salvation is not a “one time event” but an ongoing choice to learn and grow up in Him no matter what type of perilous times we are living in. Let’s Grow! #growing #growing in Grace

Laura Grace, Author of Grace to Grow and Grace to Grow Study Guide

*soon to be released (Peace!!) 🙂 armour of God

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