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Knowing God: Drawn like a magnet

FATHER MAgneT.jpgGod wants to know us! You know? And I know what you might be thinking too; He already does (doesn’t he?) Why do you suppose the devils of hell “Knew’ Who Paul was? Because of his intimacy with God, the Lord (and the devil) Knew who he was! This word “KNOW” is not the same thing as knowing about someone. It’s a word about intimacy and a close relationship with God our Father in heaven. I can know all about my spouse; yet not really know him. (Isn’t that true?) I can know where he works and what chair he sits in every night; his favorite foods and his favorite hang outs; but there are things (hopefully) your spouse or even best friend knows about you that nobody else does. The cultivation of this type of relationship is what I am talking about here;

You can hold the scepter of God and even be an instrument of Faith and his power; but if you know him (and he knows you) that is the kind of person the devil is afraid when you step out of bed in the morning! What is he (or she) going to do next (he wonders).

And guess what? We’re not telling until the time has come!

Father I ask you today in Jesus’ name; Be like a magnet to me and draw me close to you I pray! Let good things and good friends and good company be drawn to me like a magnet draws the steel. Let open doors, opportunity and every good thing of you be drawn toward my life right now! I am believing you For Good things Father and I truly do want to know you today better than I have ever known you before! IN Jesus’ name! amen



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