Stating the Obvious; What kids do

It’s funny in a way how kids pick up the traits of their parents. Sometimes funny sometimes it’s sad. Before the Lord showed me I needed to grow; I must admit I did not see that a lot of my ways were childish. The church was like my parent (in a way) and I went out and said the things they said; without really thinking about what I was saying much of the time or how it might affect people.

One sign of maturity is we stop and think and pray before we speak into the lives of others. I am still  growing and don’t claim to have mastered perfection entirely yet; but I know I have grown a lot in the past few years. I believe one of the reasons we are not seeing this “harvest of souls’ yet has to do a lot with the Judging ways of immature Christians.

So often we state the obvious; but we do NOT take the time to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. When a person is trapped in a situation they don’t know how to get out of they don’t need our judgment they need our love and prayers and caring and patience.

They do not need lectures and by the way this word Repent means to turn to Jesus and away from looking for the answers in other sources like “THIS WORLD” which is passing away. We don’t need to go around calling people murderers, whoremongers or whatever else.

For the rest of  my life I will remember the young man the Holy Spirit helped me harvest into God’s kingdom who did not look the way the pastor thought he should look. ONLY GOD can see what is in a person’s heart and with the Lord’s help you can see it to; if only you ask him. He may show you a person who looks like they can be trusted cannot be and he may show you a person you think is evil has a very great heart for Him. He is a God of Spirit and truth but primarily the natural man cannot grasp the things of God without supernatural help from the Holy Spirit. We do well to remember this. With love: Laura Grace


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