Thoughts on Healing

If you don’t want to believe God heals; Or that one of the promises he made to his children is that “he is” the God that heals; that’s fine.

You don’t have to believe it but; I do! It says I the bible he heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. We have less difficulty believing for this than we do for physical healing; Is that not so?

I guess I must be radical, fanatical, or even “over the top” as they say; just because I choose to take the word of God at face value. If it says healing is the children’s bread; well then; I believe it.

When I pray for healing and I don’t see results right away; it doesn’t really sway me one bit. I remember this one morning I got up and my face looked like I had a stroke.

I looked in the mirror and thought: “wow it looks like you had a stroke.” My face was fallen on one side and when I smiled one side of my face would not work. That day I was scheduled to work and lead the kids at this place I worked in a song fest of some kind: we had written a song together and were going to sing it. My boss saw me; got very concerned and told me to go to the doctor and recommended I ask about Bell’s Palsy. She is a praying woman.

When I got to the doctor’s office; they were concerned and asked if I went to the hospital when I got up; I said no I did not. The Nurse I could tell was truly concerned and I said: “Ask the doctor about Bell’s Palsy.”

After this; while the nurse was not so convinced; the doctor decided yes that must be what happened to me. I was praying the whole time; believing for healing. I was told I would have antibiotics and in some cases the face never goes back to normal.

My response? “I don’t believe Father (I said) that it’s your will for me to not be able to smile or to smile with only half my face!” As far as I was concerned it was settled: and any doubts that hit my mind I swiftly countered with “thank you Father it’s not your will for me to smile with half my face!”

There are other stories I could share: “Thank you Father it’s not your will for me to have this sickness” (whatever it may be) and there has been times I’ve been healed with a doctor or without; with some assistance from Vitamin C in heavy doses or without;

One time I knew I had some sort of bronchial thing and used an old inhaler that was expired long ago and it worked. I remember going to have teeth pulled and the dentist telling me the infection was so bad it could literally “flood” through my body and kill me or cause me to have a heart attack and I lay praying “thank you God that will not happen as my time has not come.”

I just believe God wants me healed. I believe he wants you healed! I don’t believe God causes sickness, disease or any type of debilitations so my deep down belief (based on the word of God) is that he wants me healthy; healed and whole. I always believe God wants me saved; don’t you? Are there days you don’t feel very saved? Of course!

a HEALING scripture.jpgWhat’s the difference? IF the seed that was planted in you JESUS WANTS YOU SAVED has gone deep into your heart and soul why can’t the rest of the Word of God get firmly planted into your heart as well?

Start with this one: “Heal me oh Lord; and I shall be Healed: Save me and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.” Amen. -with love, Laura Grace





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