What are you Sowing?


Hello! I was just thinking about seeds the other day. Thoughts we think; things we say; and how we often do not stop and think about what we are sowing.

There’s been times I have not sown such positive seeds and in the future; was not very happy with myself because I was careless. Other times I did sow very good seeds and when I saw the plant, tree and fruit of that spring up; I really rejoiced!

There is a lot of work that goes into farming. Plowing the soil; all the rocks have to be removed and us (hard heads at times) need some rocks of bad thinking plucked right out of our head! I have a friend that said she liked a post I recently made and I thought I would repeat what I said.

Here’s an example of seeds. Someone said as a child (to me) I should never wear white shoes until after labor day. It was a belief based on the fact after fall things get muddy; white shoes were not so practical to wear. It was probably a smart standard but later it turned into a rule and people were saying; “You should not” wear white shoes after labor day. One day some smart young girl had the guts to say; “WHY?” It’s a perfectly nice day and I like my white shoes! And tradition was broken that day by a new concept.

Whoever was passing along this “rule’ never stopped to think maybe someone only owned one pair of shoes (white) or perhaps that pair was their favorite pair that made them feel blessed when they wore them. What did it hurt to wear white shoes after labor day? Was anyone truly harmed by the infraction of the rule breaking?

In our society; everyone has quibbled over things from women wearing dresses (or not) to what is the proper way to wear their hair. Women of all people have been subject to more rules than you can shake a stick at throughout history; and some young gal always comes along and says; “Why?” In the same way, Christians I believe sometimes need to stop and pray and ask themselves why they do the things they do. Is this helpful? Does it really make someone more free to love God; or does it hinder them from enjoying his blessing?

We need to stop and think about the things we say and stop and think about how even a vote for a certain rule or new law may affect someone else. God sees the whole picture and he sees how what we do will either liberate (or harm) others. He sees all that may be hurt by this thought, this rule, this law that we think will be so wonderful.

Sometimes we forget that Jesus called some fishermen and said “come, follow me” and they chose whether to follow or not. Jesus did not make laws that everyone would bow to him or his ways, he preached freedom to choose (life or death.) As Christians we do well to remember how Jesus really was; He was a seed planter, and a seed water-er as well.

He went about doing good and many followed him. Other wanted to kill him, get rid of him and shut him up! Why? Because they were the ones who wanted everyone to bow to them and their ways. They could not stand that Jesus and his words of life was inspiring such freely- given loyalty. In their jealousy, they wanted to crush him and make him bow.

They tried to find a law he must have broken in order to have a reason to kill him. Now tell me: what did Jesus really preach? More laws; or did he preach freedom? Even though he did know the best way for mankind and did know what was best for us; I do not see where he ever went out and tried to get man to make more laws and enforce them.

Jesus was a preacher of freedom (to choose) Wasn’t he? One of the first seeds he planted in my mind was: “I came to make you free.”

-Laura Grace






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