What taking the name of the Lord in Vain Actually IS by Laura Grace

Galatians 2:21 Says: Not to set aside the Grace of God. If you believe righteousness is attained by keeping the Law, Christ died in Vain. So if we take his name (Christian) and we believe keeping the law makes us righteous: we are taking the name of the Lord “in Vain” (do you see now?)

We talk about Grace and amazing Grace and so many act like they know what it all means: but the truth is: acting like we can earn something God paid such a high price for (the death of his beloved and innocent son!) is a real smack in God’s face. So if you want to repent and turn away from your sins: turn away from being self righteous and holier than thou and actually turn to Christ; the one who died for you-and follow him! -Laura GraceCOURAGEOUS

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