Is any body listening? Transforming is building!


Building Your house on the Rock is the same thing as being transformed by the renewing of your mind. You know I was born in this Old Hospital, some nuns had a vision and prayed and the money was raised (back in the day) and the hospital was built. I’m sure they praised God at the time; many benefited from this Hospital through the years.

When a new facility was needed and built; the place was turned into a Condo. Now that building is enjoyed and lived in by many residents there. Many things were taken out of the building and new things were put IN during the transformation process. The building is very beautiful indeed. When our old way of thinking isn’t working for us anymore it’s time to find out some new things (from the Lord).

It doesn’t mean we are unholy, not sentimental or that we disrespect the things of the past we just need “new thoughts” to help us with what is needed right now. The foundation remains the same; the basic structure is there but please don’t be afraid to let God teach you new things. You may find he just wants to beautify you even more (and make you more useful in his Kingdom). amen -Laura Grace author Grace to Grow and Grace to Grow Study guide (soon to be published!!) stay tuned!

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